Our hotel is open since 1913. Its features have changed to the pace of time and the capricious decisions of dunes. It keeps sectors of the original building, like its mosaics that were manufactured in the hotel itself one hundred years ago, furniture, crockery and certain pieces that are protagonists in our decoration, such as the old typewriter and the photographic camera. In their persistent humming, objects continue telling the story.

What distinguishes VHO is its magical corners, like the fireplace in the living room, the elegant bar with its piano, the garden and the pool.

We prioritize respectful treatment, this is a place where people take care of people. Taking care of the natural and historical patrimony is also our priority, including an increasingly scarce resource as water.

Cultural activities, such as the already classical screenings at the beach, artists meetings and workshops for guests, also characterize VHO.

We invite you to know what we offer at the hotel and at the seaside.