The ample dining room preserves the sober and stately atmosphere of the old times. Its original furniture is the ideal frame within which to share a good meal with friends, family, new acquaintances, or to enjoy the hotel´s acclaimed cuisine.


The bar has an elegant character, with big windows and a very well provided drink bar. The place is ideal for a drink, for reading a book with the company of a soothing music, or for meeting at night for a more sparkling event. The bar is usually chosen for lectures, workshops and concerts.


A dedicated restoration process has transformed the well of an old mill in a magnificent heated pool, located in natural surroundings, with a centenary fig tree ruling the landscape. The pool has two sectors: a deeper one for swimming, and a shallower one for children to play. We have permanent lifeguard service.

In the poolside bar, former wood burning bakery that provided bread for the whole area in times of its foundation, drinks and snacks are served during the day.


VHO has a space dedicated to children. Professionals propose artistic and recreational activities each afternoon, for children of different ages. In the recreation room, close to the pool, they have everything they need to have fun in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. We favour an ambience in which children are stimulated into shared and creative games, becoming producers and not just mere users.

Library and video-room

Following the trend of Library hotels across the world, in VHO books are treated as equals. We know that a good book or film can be the best companions of creative leisure. We have an assorted library with hundreds of selected titles, available for guests, where you can find classical authors as well as the best science fiction and a good selection of contemporary both Argentinian and foreign literature.

The hotel is equipped with a video room, with theatre-style seating like in the old times. The films catalogue is diverse and of quality.


The hotel is culturally very active, both in summer and during the Easter holiday. We offer different workshops each season, such as philosophy, yoga, cinema, literature, crochet, drawing, photography or stargazing.

The hotel has hosted, in several occasions, different Artists Residences and Writers Meetings.

The magical screenings at the beach are already famous, with the screen displayed along the horizon line. Another excuse to combine what we like best: The sea, friends and art.