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February 21 to 23 Reading Alice, by Silvia Hopenhayn. For hotel guests only.

Lewis Carroll’s literary invention gives us permission to live within unfixed parameters, and so be able to cope with anguish, beauty, love, language, solitude, the height of things, power, pain, friendship, concern and happiness, among other human experiences. Its reading is a joy, as it entails a really living tongue with phrases with a logic of their own, both absurd and accurate.

From 21/02/2014 to 23/02/2014

When you read this letter. Epistolar workshop by Valeria Iglesias. For hotel guests only.

The workshop is about reading letters, novels shaped by letters, like Goethe´s classical Werther; or novels written in the form of a long letter, like the contemporary Age of iron, by Coetzee o In the country of last things, by Paul Auster.

It will also teach us how to write classical letters with pen and paper, e-mails, tablets, netbooks, whatsapps or simple notes posted with a magnet on the refrigerator. It will guide us through the reading of letters as if we were curious children wanting to see how their toys work and, parting from that point, make our own experiments.

From 05/02/2014 to 07/02/2014

Already available in book stores: Libro de huéspedes. 100 years of Viejo Hotel Ostende

The book follows the track of a historical research (carried out by historians from the company Eternautas), and deepens into the archives, proposing a tour around the hotel’s history and Argentinian seaside lifestyle.

The book crosses the threshold of the hotel, not with the intention of unraveling its mysteries, but inviting us to spy through the indiscreet window of History. In a voyage to the past, one gets lost in it, and returns to the present days to enjoy the shade beside the pool, or the seaside, maybe with a book in one’s hand.

10 songs by 10 authors: Gaby Comte (idea and voice) and Marcelo Ezquiaga (piano and voice). Only for VHO guests.

Ten songs by composers of different popular styles, such as Aieta, Fernando Cabrera, Pino Danielle, Flopa, García Giménez, José Alfedo Jimenez, etc.

On the 04/01/2014